There are many people who is going to select the country for education, because the education of the country is very high rating, and some of the students is going to select the country, because the country is very beautiful, and most of the students is desired to get admission in the university of Italy, and the Italy is coming in the Europe, and it is very difficult to bear the expenses, because for the international students this is going to be the big reason most of the students is not going to plain for the study, and most of the students keep struggling for the scholarship, and the majority of the students is going to succeed of getting the scholarship. There is always is simple problem most of the students is unaware about the scholarships, means they only know one or two scholarship, and that is the reason of decreasing the chances of getting scholarship, and those who know all the scholarship, and the person is going to apply in all scholarship, then the chances of getting scholarship is going to increase, and that is the reason having awareness of the all the scholarship, because this thing always going to give benefits in different ways.  

Italy is one of the most beautiful country which is going to consider the best tourism country, and most of the people have desired to get admission in the Italy University on Scholarships, just because the country is really beautiful. This country is best for the education and tourism, and the best thing, there are many scholarship the students is going to get from different sources, and there are many universities who is going to provide the scholarship, and many other sources too of the scholarship. the on the other side it is very easy to get the scholarship, because every scholarship has the simple process, and if a students is going to follow the process properly without having any single mistake, then the person is going to get the scholarship. The best thing for the Italy, they always welcome to the international students. The language that use in Italy is Italian language, and there are many benefits if you speak Italian language. So the reason of writing this article to discuss the Top Four Scholarships in Italy for the International Students, because many students need to the top best scholarship, especially for those who is going to plain to study in Italy Universities.

Italian Government Scholarship for Foreign Students

This is the scholarship which is provided by the Government of Italy. This scholarship is both for international students as well as the citizens or residence of the Italy. This scholarship is only for the master’s students who are in Arts, Music, and Dance program. This is also for the PhD students and also those who are enroll in the Italian courses. You need to apply before 3 or six or 9 months. This is one of the best scholarship, because in this scholarship all the expenses which include educational expenses and other expenses is going to cover, means you do not need to have other amount for cover your expenses.

Bologna University Study Grants for International Students

Many universities in Italy is going to offer scholarship for the students, and the Bologna University is one of them. This university is offer the scholarship for bachelors and also masters to the same students, and the scholarship includes, the University is going to free your tuition fees, and you do not have to pay the tuition fees, if you are awarded for this Scholarship.

Bocconi Merit and International Awards

This is purely for deserving students who is really able to get this scholarship. The best thing of this scholarship, every student who is apply for this scholarship is going to get according to their capabilities. Most of the students is going to get full waiver in tuition fees and most of the students is going to get half fees waiver. The worth of the tuition fees is more than 12,000 Euros of Bachelors, and 13,000 Euros of the Masters.

Politecino de Milano Merit based Scholarship for the International Students

This is one of the best scholarship for the international Students, every student is going to award the 5000 Euros to 10000 Euros per year. Those students who is going to apply for of this scholarship, and the total quantity of the students, only deserving students is going to get this scholarship, and also waiver of the tuition fees. All the students is going to need is to pay the administrative fees, which is 200 Euros. So this is the best scholarship, and the management is going to believe in the merit, and this is the reason all the deserving students is going to get this scholarship. 

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