This is one of the most difficult question for you and your family, when your child is able to get admission in school. There are two types of schools. One is public school, and one is private school. The public is basically owned by the state, all the expenses bear by the Government of that state or country, and the students is not paying any type of the fees. And the private sector, everyone is going to open the private school, in private school every person have to pay the fees, and other activities expense, as compared, there is no any expense in the public school.

The difference between public school and the private school, the private school provide the quality education, and other things which is need for a child in the school for his or her growth. Public school is owned by the Government of that state or country. If the official people in the Government is honest, and honest with the education, and they really care about the people of their country, then the public school is best as compared to private school. But choosing the right school is really a difficult decision in Australia, because the competition of the schools over there is very high.

There is main important factor while getting admission in the school is, how far from your home the school are. Sometimes the schools is 3000 miles away from your home. And there is some school is near your home. For instance, if you want to get admit your child in the public school, but this is really far from your home, but the private school is near your home. In this situation the person is go with the public sector, because the person is going to afford the fees of the private school.

The private schools is going to charge for 1 child is around $33000 per year. Means those who are rich or afford this amount for their children. And this is the only fees of the year, and there are many other expenses, which is very important. And the private schools is mainly focusing on the growth of the students. And they are keep update to their parent of their performance through their online portal. Every parents have the access of their child online account, and whenever they want they check their performance of the child.

If you are talking about the public schools, there are categories in the public schools. For those public schools, which are best in the Australia, they are going to charge from every student is around $2100 per year. And there are many other schools, which are not best, but they are good, they do not charge any fees from the student. And the best public schools is best schools in the Australia. And you cannot compare with high public schools with the private schools. Because the diversity in the best public schools is very high, and that is the positive point in the growth of the child.

There is a council for the look after the education of the every school in the Australia, and the name of that council is “Australian council for educational research”. This is the best thing in the Australia, because this council is research on the growth of the students, those who are in the schools, and this council people is looking every result of every child, and when they conduct the official research then they are going to consider these results in their research to get the final conclusion.

The best thing in the Australia is there is high ratio of the public schools, and in the Australia majority of the people is prefer the public schools. The percentage of government schools is around 72%, and the private schools ratio is 28%. They offered the primary and secondary education to their students. There is the research conduct of counting the registered schools in the Australia. According to the research there are 10585 registered schools in the Australia in 2019. And the 7092 schools is owned by the government of Australia, and the rest of the schools are the private schools.

The schooling system in the Australia is best as compared to other countries schools. Because the most of the big and the best schools are owned by the government. This shows that the government of Australia is mainly focus on the education. Education is very important for every individual. And the main important thing is there is highly qualified teachers, who provide education in the schools. And every year there is officially research conduct by the government about the performance of the schools. And the government try their level best to decrease all the flaws, which is going to coming in the schools system.

Whenever you need a person who is guiding you to select the right school. Then always remember, you can go for the alumni. You do research on your personal level. Try to meet with the people who are passed the school, contact with them, they are going to guide you in a better way. And they will also tell you the other best option, which you should consider while taking the admission in the school of Australia. There is always a need of mentor, and teacher is one of the best option, if you need mentor.

The best thing, and this thing is very common, there is different dresses for every school. And every student is going to wear this dress. And this thing shows the discipline.

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