United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful country in the domain of the tourist, and also in the domain of the education. The United King is always welcome to the international students, and also really helps them to get quality of education. Getting education in the United Kingdom is easy for those who have lots of money, and they wants to invest money on their education, but it is very difficult for those who have not good financial condition, but these type of students is going to be the deserving students. There are many big and most popular university in the United Kingdom, and the important thing is these universities is going to famous all over the world. The language that mostly use in the United Kingdom is English, and there is no any other language is going to use over there. There are many scholarship that the United Kingdom is going to provide to the international students, as well as the domestic students. The government of United Kingdom, or you can say the kings of the United Kingdom is really supports to the international students. The dream country of many students who want to live, study in the United Kingdom.

There are many students who is known few scholarship which is going to offer in the United Kingdom. Most of the people is know all the scholarship, and their chances of getting scholarship is going to increase. Studying on scholarship in one of the best country is going to one of the best thing in the world, because there is no any tension of anything. The reason of writing this article is going to spread the awareness of the scholarship, because there is much need for the people to know, and in this way most of the people is going to create many options, and this options is going increase the chances.

The chevening Scholarship 

This is one of best scholarship for the international students, and this is also those who are really lucky to get this scholarship and live in United Kingdom. There are many peoples dream to visit once in a life to visit United Kingdom, but if a person is going to spend their whole time, and make the career in this beautiful country, then what else a person is going to do in their life. There are many benefits of this scholarship, this is going to be the fully funded scholarship, and means there is no other expense, if a student is going to get this scholarship. There is no tuition fee, no living expenses, also have the health insurance, and many other benefits too. 

The Common Wealth Scholarship 

This is scholarship for those who wants to have desire and dream to studied in United Kingdom, and there are many people who will get scholarship, just because they wants to live in United Kingdom. This is the best scholarship is for those who wants to do masters, or PhD students. Many universities is going to support the students who is going to conduct the researches on different field, topic or some practical works, and that is the reason most of the universities is going to give scholarship. In this scholarship the whole expense is going to cover by this common wealth scholarship. There is no tuition fees for those who is going to awarded the scholarship and also the living expense, and also give health insurance, and also give them some stipend to the international students. 

Gates Cambridge Scholarship 

This is one of the best opportunity for the international students. This scholarship start back in 2000, and this is going to initiate by the 

Bill and Melinda Get Foundation Scholarship by the name of the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. The total number is 80 students who is going to get the scholarship from all over the world, and these 80 students get the fully funded scholarship to the students, and in this scholarship all the expense is going to bear by the Gates Cambridge Scholarship. This is the best opportunity for those 80 lucky students from all over the world.

The Royal Society Grants

This is for the competent students who is going to enroll in the PhD degree. There are many students in the PhD degree, they would like to conduct the researches, and keep conducting the researches, and this scholarship is going to help them and they should send the proposal, and they will get the 3000 Euros to 12000 Euros to the student, according to the level of research. In this amount the PhD student is going to expense all the things, and sometimes there is expense of travelling. And many other expenses that they have to do while conducting the researches, and this amount is for one year.

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