The Canada has many schools, colleges, universities. The main thing in education system is to control or handle the students, who are studied in different schools, colleges, and universities. They are handle majority of the student, and everyone has its own dream and its own priorities. But despite of all things the management and the teachers are easily handle them.

The study in Canada has two types of institutes, the one who own by the Canadian government and the second are run by the private sector people, and there both have mainly focus on schools, colleges, universities, Career Colleges\technical Instituting, and summer campuses.

The Canadian are acknowledge education system and declare that this is the provincial responsibility under the Canadian laws and policies. That means there is no one who cannot get education in Canada, and there is difference between the education systems and the one who making policies. There Canadian government make significant structure for the people of the Canada. The also acknowledge those people who are not lives in Canada, or not belongs to Canada, the Canadian government also welcome them in their institutes.

The children who are in grade one, the Canadian schools system are made syllabus, according to their kids or the intelligence of the kids. And they make and arranged those types of activities, which the kids are intentionally take pass, and with the interest. The school system always work on the growth of kids, they make the foundation strong.

Then when they turn into the college, they easily get the admission and also they are quite capable to handle the class stuff. The Canadian education system is well managed, and well defines. There system for education are successful. The Canadian has qualified and capable and competent faculty, and their management is performing their role in any circumstances, they are ready to face any challenge.

The schools, colleges and universities are coming in ranking to provide quality of education to their student, and there schools, colleges, and universities are on best location, and their sizes is big. There discipline of education or there are discipline in the students of Canadian. The students who belongs to some other countries, when they get admission in Canada, then their temporary student visa get easily by showing the admission letter to Canadian embassy.

The students who complete their education, and they start the job after education, and request Canadian embassy to allow him for job or gives him visa for more days. When the student is keep doing the job, then they will get the permanent visa of Canada, means he or she is the permanent resident of Canada.

The Canadian private sector also help with government of Canada by providing them classes, teachers, and also they provide counsellor, who discuss with the students, and also start training to their students. The government are working the private sector are friendly. Because the government believe the education is only thing which change everything. They allow to the private sectors to charge reasonably to their students.

The Canadian education system follow the British syllabus, and they use the language in their schools, colleges, and universities. They also tell their student the vision and mission of their institutes. The government provide platform to the Canadian student to other country and explore the things. And also government sand to their student in some competition, they also organize competition in the national level, they also invite all the institutes of Canadian and also other countries as well. They Canadian government do everything which is good for their students. The Canadian is well maintained and well organize their education system.

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