Every country has chance to become the popular, but some countries is going to miss the chance, but if we are going to talking about the Canada, then Canada is consider one of the most beautiful, and one of the popular country in the world. This is one of the best platform for the student all over the world, because Canada is always welcome the international students, and there are many scholarship which is provided in Canada from different sources. The Visa ratio for the international students is really good. the most important thing, and this thing is going in the favor of the international students, when the students is going to complete the education, then it is easy for them to get job in the Canada, and this is going to be the best thing, and this is going to influence many people to think about the getting education from Canada, and there is high chances of getting immigration in the Canada, and there are many other benefits for the international students. The other important thing is Canada is cheap in the domain of living expense, and there is high chances of getting part time work, and this is for those who do not have awarded the scholarship.

There are many sources of getting scholarship, and there are many institutes and many other sources who is going to give scholarship to the students, and these are the big opportunities for the international students. Many students should know all the scholarship, and the most important thing, they know how to apply, and also know the proper knowledge of applying, because most of the people is not going to get the scholarship just because they do not have the proper knowledge of the process, and that is the reason that they are going to made mistakes, and they would not get the scholarship.

The reason of writing this article to spread the awareness of the scholarship which is going to provide in the Canada, and after reading this article you are able to know maximum scholarship which is going to provide in the Canada for the international students, and there are many scholarship which is for the domestic students, means the people who are from Canada, they also get the scholarship.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

This is one of the most popular scholarship which is launched from the government of Canada, and this scholarship is especially design for the doctoral degree, and the value for this scholarship is very high, and each year every awarded student of the scholarship is going to get the $50,000 for the next 3 years. This scholarship is for the Canadian citizens, and also for those international students who is going to pursue their career in the Doctoral degree. The total students that the government is going to select each year which more than 166. So this is one of the best, and this scholarship is really popular in the whole world, and most of the students is going to work hard to get enroll in this scholarship.

Ontario Trillium Scholarship

This is really best opportunity for the PhD students, this scholarship is going to design by the government of Ontario, and this is officially design for those who wants to start PhD degree. This is also a high valued scholarship for the PhD Students, because this is for the 4 year of duration, and each year they are going to get the $40,000, and $26000 is going to sponsored by the Ontario Government, and the rest of amount $13000 is going to give by the University to the student. The requirement of this scholarship, the students have to maintain the required grades during their education.

Trudeau Foundation Full Scholarships in Canada

There is always few scholarship which officially designed for the researchers. This scholarship is officially designed for the candidates who are doing researches. The Benefits for the students who is going to awarded for the scholarship, which are the $40,000, and the living allowance is really cheap, and the $20,000 is giving to the candidates for the travelling allowance, and also conducting the research, and the best teacher who is going to give training to the students.

University of Toronto – Nelson Mandela Award

This is one of the best scholarship, and this scholarship is going to be on the name of the Nelson Mandela. This scholarship is for underrates, and this is for the three year scholarship for the students, who is going to enroll in the scholarship. This is the official scholarship given the University of Toronto, and all the aid, and scholarship is going to give by the University. So this is the best for the international students, and this is going to help them to make their better career.

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