Private schools is the most expensive, if we are talking about the fees of the school. Because the purpose of the private schools is to provide the quality of education and charge the fees according to the quality. And they are charge heavy amount. There are many private schools, and there are many private schools which is best schools, you can say these schools are on top. They charge high fees from the students. And a common person is not going to afford these type of high ranked school in the category of the private sector schools. And there are many private schools which average in terms of providing the quality education, because they charge the average price from the students. And they are going to pay the expenses, for instance, teachers’ salaries and other expenses, they are going to pay them the average to them. Those who is going to open the private school, they invest the heavy amount to build the school. And the best thing for the private schools is they are going to do their best to provide the best education to their students. And they also ask their students to participate other activities, which is going to help the students in their personal growth.

If we are talking about the private schools cost is really high, and they are going to charge high fees from the students, and they are not only charge the tuition fees, but also they are going to charge every activity cost. There are many families who are happily pay their children fees, because they are going to afford these fesses. And there are many families who decrease their personal expenses to pay their children school fees. There are many types of people over there, and every person has the different needs, wants, and the demands.

Tuition fees

In 2007 and 2008 the United States government the fees is going to be charged on that time $8550, which is going to charge for all the private schools. And according to the education council of the United States the average fees of the private school is around $6700. And there are other private schools they are charge highest fees which is around $3660, which is highest fees as compared with the other private school fees. In every state there is an education council which s going to look after all the things, which is against the policies of the state.

Text book and the academic material fees

This is the important domain which is material and text book fees. Every class has the different material and different books category, and with the different prices. The prices of the material from the religious affiliated elementary school, which is start from the $55 to $800, these are the fees, those who need some material, or the book, the prices of the material and the book is going to fall in between the price which we mention above. And buying material and the books is very important, because if you do not have material and the book, then from where you studied.

Sports fees

If you are in the school then the sport is really important for you to play, because there are many benefits of playing the sports. And the best thing is the benefits of playing the sports you are going to fit physically, and you are very strong in mentally. And they are going to charge the sports fees from the students. Because in the sports, the students need proper coach, and proper equipment.

Clothing and the uniform

This is actually a good thing because if there is no uniform in the school, then you buy new jeans, and the shirts for the schools, and you expense will increase. But having uniform in the schools is really help you to decrease the expenses. Because buying the uniform from the officially from the school taking low cost, and you are going to wear on daily basis. And this way you are going to relax in the domain of what to wear. And there are many other benefits of wearing the uniform in the school.

Transportation to and from the school

This is also good for the parents, because the big headache for the parents is to pick and drop their children to school. Sometimes the parents is really busy, and they do not have time to pick their children’s from the school, and in this way on that time they are very depressed. But having the school official transportation is help the parents to do not worry about their children’s. All you need is to pay the fees of the transportation. And the bus or van is going to pick you children from the doors, and drop him or her to the door.

Boarding Schools

This is another option which is called the boarding schools. In boarding school the children is going to stay over there. And the fees is very high, because the expense of the staying in the schools, and food expense, and the laundry expense, and there are many expense. And the fees of the boarding school is around $7000. The boarding school are for those whose parents has busy or there family do not have time, or there is no family, means someone is going to support financially, the boarding school are for those.

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