There are many institute who are giving scholarship to their students. In Ontario there are many scholarship by institutes and by their government. The government are giving scholarship to their students which belongs to or lives in Ontario. And the institute are giving scholarships to the students who are eligible to their scholarship, does not matter where they are from.

In Ontario there are many scholarships in schools, colleges, and universities. Thousands of the students are applying to get scholarship, then the institutes in Ontario are going to difficult the criteria. Because they believe only deserves candidates are win the scholarships.

For those students who graduates from universities, they are wanted to get scholarship. There are more than ten universities they offered masters, and every students dream is to do master from that universities, which are in Ontario. Because many students are not afford the tuition fees of the ranked masters university in Ontario. They start hard working to get scholarships, they keep working and get suggestions from those students who got the scholarship. They are intentionally ready to get in masters on scholarship, and these people are succeed because they are much focused.

In Ontario the graduate’s scholarship announce two times in a year, means semi-annually. Those student who are not get the chance in first time they are also apply in second time in a year. Ontario universities are not itself decide to giving scholarship to the students, but Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, this is known as Selection board of Ontario Gradates Scholarship, which consist of one chairperson and eight members. They are decides to giving scholarship to the students. They are provided list of students who got scholarship. And they have agreement with the universities of Ontario.

  • Programs

The Ontario graduate scholarship that students are getting their worth is more than $5000 per term, than the student are required to present full time or full time study. And they also provide student visa, those who are came from other countries. The student should avoid violence and making crimes or taking students loans, they did not refund, that is against the policy of government of Ontario.

  • Funding

Those who get the scholarships of Ontario Graduate scholarship, the fund is given by the Ontario Government, which is one third from the total amount. And the other private organization who also support to the students by giving funds in scholarship scheme.

In 2013 the Toronto Dominion Bank are giving fund to the students for the scholarship is around $900,000 , the fund are as named to endowment donation. And the University of Waterloo are awarded with the endowment donations.

  • Application

Those students who are submitting their application they are directly submitted to Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities. These application for the students for the scholarship are basically tell the requirement to the students.

The student should have (A grade or 80%) result for getting Ontario Graduate Scholarship. There are two professors who are actively assessing the application of the students. They checking the list in the application which they asked from students through application. The students should apply temporary student visa with all complete documents. They are asking the application which is signed by the student,

And also asked the future study plains.

  • Selection Board and panels

The board of directors which are in panel, they are deciding about the Ontario graduate scholarship, which are establish in 1 September 1975. They are assessment of the applications of students, there has one chairman and eight member, who decides about the Ontario graduate scholarship. They shortlist the students which meet their decided criteria, and call them for assessment interview, which is conducted by the chairman and two member. After interviews they are public the list of these candidates who are selected for Ontario graduate scholarship.

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